The mercenary

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My ex offended me very much. Not even offended, but insulted, humiliated and almost destroyed. In each of his moral slaps, the anger of the tyrant spoiled by his mother sounded. With each spit into my twisted soul I understood the true meaning of the word “gratitude”, saw the light and was disappointed in men. Oh, how everything in me was bubbling inside to take revenge – to tear, strangle, erase–when I remembered his arrogant grin at me– defeated and begging for mercy. He reveled in my defenselessness and burning tears.

I was advised to contact the CDL – Club of Deceived Ladies.

– How do you want to punish him? The elegant lady in high black jackboots asked.

– What is your price list? I asked.

– Quite wide. – According to your taste – from concussion to… you know, – lady Laura answered, proudly straightening up and baring her snow–white teeth.

–Oh, my God! – I was scared.

– Don’t worry. We have professional women working for us. There will be no traces left. If we sign a contract with you, from now on you can sleep peacefully – completely avenged. As proof of the work done, we will send you a video from the scene.

In the first minutes, I was shivering, only now I began to realize that I was ordering the life of a person – although the former one, but still close. And yet I agreed and signed everything – in a fog, trembling and constantly praying for success.

The amiable lady Laura, noticing my almost panicked excitement, got up, jumped behind my back with a catlike gait and hugged me. The animal warmth of predator spread from her hands. She pressed her mouth to my neck and blowing hot breath on the tender skin, ran a hot tongue to my cheek, massaging my shoulders and going down with her palms to my breasts. A slight exciting tremor swept through my groin, I obediently turned my face to the hostess of the club and spread my legs limply.

Her gentle hands quickly lifted my top, and I obediently unbuttoned and lowered my skirt down my thighs, and the magic of the massage began. Neither my back nor my patootie have ever experienced such pleasantness. Very relaxed, under her gentle fingers, I was seized by light orgasm. I jerked, squeezed my eyes shut and immediately opened them widely.

Stroking my ass, which was burning with pleasure, Laura squeezed the coccyx hard, I leaned towards her, arching my buttocks, and the lady’s fingers entered my hole. Her deft, dominative hands did a miracle – I flowed profusely. The burden of problems seemed to dissolve and I leaned back in my chair without strength.  Lady Laura, a contented, domineering predator, smiled and flashed her emerald eyes:

– And so that you don’t worry, I will personally fulfill this order for you. I’d love to have fun and do everything professionally and quickly, if you don’t mind?

–Oh, I’ll be happy, – I exclaimed happily, trusting Laura two hundred percent.

– But this, lassie, – the queen of the club said in a seductive tone, – will cost more.

– I’m ready for everything.

I didn’t want to get up, I was burning and I wanted Laura to possess me again right here and now. I was ready to give myself up and become her submissive bondmaid. Oh, how she drove me crazy, how she felt my body and controlled it. My legs were shaking and my pussy was squirting juices even from Laura’s voice. Staring blankly at her swollen thighs and full breasts, she felt my wild desire for sex, bent over her ear and whispered softly but sternly:

– You’ll have to pay extra for the sedative, my dear. 

– I agree… – I whispered, delighting in the predator’s fingers, tormenting the tender clitoris. – Oh… how strong I want you.            



Opening his swollen eyes, he saw that he was lying on the floor, and handcuffs were on his wrists. A woman in black leather pants and a golf was standing proudly, looking at the man, smiling with bright red lips. She had a Colt holster on her belt. 
– You’ve made a big mistake in your stinky life and now there’s a high price on your head that I’m going to get, – she said, leaning towards the scoundrel so that her high breasts were at the level of the man’s eyes. 
He took a quick glance at the elastic mounds covered with fabric, noticing that the mercenary was without bra. She followed the direction of his gaze, and grinned.
– Do you like them? – The lady asked, touching her breasts with her hands. – You won’t get them, scum.

At these words, the mercenary brought her head very close to the man, so that he could feel her breath from slightly parted lady’s lips on his cheek.

The unfortunate man looked into the killer’s eyes, and slightly squinting, said:

– We’ll see about that.

She smiled again, baring her teeth.

 –It was too easy to find you, I was counting on more, – she said softly, mannerly pretending slight disappointment in her voice.

He got up from the floor, and now he was on his knees, holding his handcuffed hands in front of him. Spitting angrily at his feet, he said, without taking his carnivorous gaze from the skin-covered embossed groin of the mercenary: 

– If you think you’re going to kill me, you’re wrong.

–Mmm… how cute, – the mercenary said casually looking at the man and playfully moved with her hip. – I see, you try not to lose face in defeat.

He strained his arms harder. The jacket in the biceps area cracked a little. The lady, squinting, looked at the man with curiosity, and languidly rolling her eyes, said:

– My dear, it must be very insulting to fall into the hands of a weak girl. But all this will end soon, be patient…

She ran the back of her hand over his cheek. A slight smile appeared on the scoundrel’s face.
– It won’t be over for long, my dear.

Then he strained his arm muscles to the maximum, and a link in the chain on the handcuffs snapped. The mercenary, who had not expected such a turn of events, froze in place. Surprise showed on her face, and her lower lip trembled. The man noted for a moment the perfectly rounded mouth of the mannered kitty with juicy lips. Grabbing the mercenary by the hand, he did not let her come to her senses and abruptly pulled her to him. Her expression changed to a decidedly stern one, and the scoundrel got a knee in the stomach. Stepping back a couple of steps and holding his stomach, he smiled wryly.

– You pull yourself together quickly, – he said.

–Wow, I still underestimated you, handsome, – the mercenary said coldly, standing up in stance, raising her hands and at the same time throwing off her high-heeled shoes with sharp movements of her feet. The legs, covered with leather, were long and strong. – Well, I know how to surprise.

The man also raised his hands, and looked into the eyes of the predatory killer. There was a gun on her belt, but the mercenary wanted to play with the victim. She jerked sharply towards the prisoner, and kicked him on the head. He staggered, stunned.

– Not bad, puss, – he grinned. What else do you have, bitch?

– You’ll see, my dear, – the mercenary threw venomously and made another lunge.
The leg in the leather shot up, but this time the man was ready. Slightly leaning his body back, he threw out his arm bent at the elbow, and grabbed her ankle with his palm.
 – We’ve been pampered and that’s enough, – the scoundrel said quietly and confidently. Squeezing her leg, causing the mercenary to let out a slight moan, he rested his other hand on her stomach and threw her to the floor, kneeling next to her. The enraged killer tried to hit him with her other leg, but he grabbed her as well. Bringing these beautiful legs together, he took both ankles in one palm, and took them sideways. The woman inhaled sharply, then tried to reach the man with her fists. Laughing, the attacker jokingly waved away her delicate hands.
– Come on, baby, I’m tickled.

She made a grimace and began to growl angrily, but the growl immediately turned into a moan when the man released the woman’s legs, moved one leg over her body, sat on her stomach and grabbed her wrists, spread his arms apart.

 – Hsss…I… to you… – the mercenary was twitching under him with all her might, but he didn’t even strain.
– What are you to me? – the winner laughed, bringing the arms of the defeated beauty over his head to hold them with one hand. The woman had already inhaled to answer, but with his free hand he jerked up her golf, exposing two beautiful rounded shapes, and again heard a sharp moan. 

– And how did such a sweety end up in hired killers? – the man asked ironically, looking into her eyes, and tying the golf on the woman’s wrists.

– You’re going to regret this, – her voice was beginning to take on a pitiful note and a proud lady cowardly whined like a little doggie. Tears suddenly gushed from Laura’s frightened, but still beautiful emerald eyes. He liked it and even got excited, and he pulled the knot on her arms tighter.

Panic horror of the humiliated and defeated queen appeared on the mercenary’s face. The man ran his hand over her stomach, and grabbed her full breasts. Her body gently writhed under the rapist, and his pants became tight. Lady Laura shook helplessly all over and squealed in pain as she sobbed. The strong man’s hand went to the woman’s throat. Her lips trembled distortedly, twisted, and profusely covered with saliva. The man got off the lady holding her by the throat, and with his other hand pulled off her pants. Under them were black lace panties.
– How loving, – the lustful scoundrel grinned, running his hand over them. There was fury in the mercenary’s eyes, but her breathing quickened with the movements of the male.

– Do you like it? Let’s see what’s under them…

Slowly fussing her jackass with his hand, he grabbed her panties and jerked them sharply. A small piece of cloth easily tore and remained in his clenched palm. The mercenary screamed, the barbarian squeezed her throat a little, and hearing a wheeze, he felt a wild desire. Releasing her throat, he spread the legs of the woman, who looked just great without everything, and leaning towards her so that their lips almost touched, unbuttoned his trousers and penetrated into her. A sweet moan escaped from her bright red lips. He grabbed her face, covering her mouth and nose. Mad fear was reflected in the mercenary’s eyes. It was getting more and more exciting. The former prisoner accelerated his movements, looking at the breasts with hard nipples swaying in time with the thrusts. The woman’s eyes began to roll up, and he loosened his fingers a little. She took a greedy breath, but then the man instantly squeezed her hand back. When she started to lose consciousness again, he took his hand away from her face. Hot breath mixed with passionate moans. Then he noticed that the lady had wrapped her legs around him from behind. Reaching behind his back, he grabbed her foot and brought it to his face. The leg was unrealistically beautiful, and he took the toes in his mouth, licked them and put his foot on his shoulder. The lady’s moans became very frequent. The mercenary’s mouth was open, but she could not make a sound, she could only look at the rapist with despair. He was getting a crazy high from her helplessness. Catching her breath, she cast a desperate glance to the right and saw her belt with a pistol. Her hand jerked in his direction, but the man was faster, and he had the belt.

– Hmm, this will come in handy, – he said, unbuckling the holster from his belt and throwing it away. Then he turned the mercenary around with her back to him, put her on her knees, and threw the belt around her neck. When he pulled it off, she screamed and grabbed it with her hands.

–Let me go, – she hissed, twitching in convulsions of fear and passion. Panting, she whispered: – Please…..sorry…..

– Tell me, bitch, who hired you?

– Your….ex-girlfriend, – the loser mercenary whispered.

–Wow, – the rapist laughed hoarsely. – How much did she rate me? Well! Speak up, you wet thing. I’m going to push you so hard – you’ll shit yourself!

– Don’t…please, – Laura whined plaintively. – A hundred thousand and a video of your murder.

– Oh, cool! And he’ll get your underpants and another video. He put the camera in front of him and the recording began. Tears of despair and shame flooded poor Laura’s face. She was shaking and screaming, trying to get away. 

This caused a new surge of strength in the rapist, and he intruded his penis into the lady’s ass with a sharp push. Resting his hand on her arched back, he pulled the end of the belt harder, and accelerated the pace to the maximum. A sweet wave of pleasure spilled over his body, and he came right into her and let go of the belt. The raped lady Laura lost consciousness, but he did not kill his victim. Quickly buttoning his trousers, he moved to the exit of the room, taking the gun and her torn panties along the way…

Will you say that there is no justice in the world, and evil has won? I wanted to leave everything just like that and put an end to it. But my incomparable mistress, Lady Karina, who was in a state of extreme arousal while reading the story, abruptly pulled my head to her profusely flowing pussy and made me lick it all over. The furiously sensual and half-mad due to the greatest excitation waved over her lady Karina was moaning from the orgasmic attacks, jumping convulsively and shuddering sweaty thighs and then ordered me to change the ending of my story. I did not dare to disobey my sweet mistress. So the end of the story everything ended unexpectedly.

At the exit of the entrance, the bastard was hit by the car to death. My mistress was satisfied, and I need no greater happiness. But since then, sometimes I began to catch a frightened look in the eyes of my mistress when I approached her. Ah, I did not want this and I will definitely write another story to show my boundless love and devotion to my lady Karina.

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