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How wonderfully the July evening began. Today, the retirement of the oldest nurse was celebrated in the open restaurant. Lev Sergeyevich, the head of the department of one of the private clinics, was pleased not only with the table. But also by the fact that next to his pyramidal carcass, a young kitty with expressive emerald eyes, named Marinochka, timidly touched the edge of the chair with exciting ass. She had just been hired as a probationary nurse. A shy smile played on the plump cherry lips of the young beauty, and a sweet pale face was framed by a long jet of blue-black hair, flowing thickly almost to the honed thin waist. With long, slightly trembling fingers, Marinochka slightly adjusted the neckline of the blouse, from under which the appetizing areoles of small breasts peeked out.   

When the first fumes of alcohol slightly aroused the blood, the manager leaned back in his chair and, pretending to be dozing, began to observe the flexible profile of the girl sideways. Marinochka kept her back straight, almost without touching the edge of the table with her elbows and modestly pinched lettuce leaves with olives wrapped in them. A narrow silk skirt was stretched in relief over her swollen thighs. Lev Sergeyevich had to swallow saliva in agony when the beauty bent down to the plate and slightly spread her knees, slightly exposing beautiful juicy thighs – snow-white, inviting, unspoiled. At the same time, the folds of Marina’s skirt disobediently aspired upwards, teasing with delicate frills of lacy pink panties.

With incredible effort, the manager suppressed the wild call of his ancestors to grab this simpering doll and devour it whole instead of dessert. Instantly admitting to himself that he had fallen in love with a girl forever, L.S. decided that he would not leave until he won a new modest girl.       

The employees still did not know the new colleague well and treated her delicately and shyly. Everyone wanted to take care of the charming princess, addressing her as “You”, smiling sweetly and sliding their eyes over the cups of rounded breasts bulging through the silk of the jacket. The young anesthesiologist Kazimir even dedicated poems to her, comparing the charmer with unearthly perfection and a goddess, which led the girl to extreme embarrassment and awe. The intelligent, well-mannered team liked Marinochka insanely. Surrounded by friendliness and affection, she believed that no one would offend her in this respectable society of doctors.      

— Friends, – L.S. responded over the table, – However, let’s fill our glasses and not forget the culprit of such a high meeting. To you, Veronika Platonovna. I’ll ask for a glass…

Everyone drank, had a snack and soon everyone was talking about their own, breaking up into groups of interests. Music was playing from the speakers, waiters were floating on the platform and several couples were already dancing.  

– A piece of fillet, Marinochka, – Lev Sergeyevich dug the sharp teeth of a fork into the flesh and transferred half a loaf into the girl’s almost empty plate. She gave the manager a few strokes of her mother-of-pearl eyelashes. L.S. leaned a little closer to the ear of the timid beauty and asked in a thick passionate whisper:

– Do you like it?

The girl got a little nervous and hurried to pull her neck aside, modestly lowering her eyes:

– Yes, thank you. The chicken is just great.

– Wow, you’re my little fillet … L.S. said through his teeth, pouring out unequivocal sticky intentions from his eyes and drowning in the aromas of something forbidden and exciting, splashing from under the neckline of Marinochka’s blouse. He suddenly wrapped his arm around the girl’s flexible waist and squeezed the soft buttock with his palm.

— Oh, what are you doing, what are you… – the frightened girl whispered, looking around fearfully and trying to pull away, fidgeting with her elastic ass.

She barely pushed away the grunting face of the manager, who had already put his hot palm under her skirt, stroking the tender skin of her trembling thighs. His chest felt tight, and he unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. Marinochka defiantly crossed her legs and tensed. But L.S.’s persistent fingers again brazenly crawled under her skirt and this time they felt a small jackass under a delicate down. The girl bit her lips and stared at the grinning impudent man with her eyes wide with horror.

– You should be ashamed. You’re the boss… well…. What are you doing? – she whispered, continuing to fidget and look around. Although no one paid attention to them.

– Yes… the excited L.S. spoke languidly. – I am the best boss. Do you believe?

He abruptly pulled the skirt up and grabbed Marinochka’s tense labia with tenacious fingers, from which she breathed frequently and looked imploringly at the manager. In a thin voice she squeaked: 

–I believe you, Lev Sergeyevich, but please don’t…  

Without paying attention, L.S. abruptly grabbed the girl by the back of the head with a wide palm and kissed Marinochka, who was sweating from fear, on the cheek. Then he announced to the whole site:

– And now dancing!

Pressing the fragrant torso of the girl to himself, L.S. sluggishly circled the flexible figure of the beauty in the dance and constantly whispered to Marinochka in her ear, stroking her back:

– To me. Let’s go to my place… eh?

The nurse, slightly intoxicated from champagne, had pink earlobes and knees buckled.

Shaking her ponytail, she giggled and, baring her teeth, playfully clicked her tongue.  

– Yes or no? – L.S. insisted, leading her around the playground and violently squeezing her delicious buttocks, which were rising in the rhythm of the dance.

— Well, what are you … – Marinochka whispered in response. – You’re so strong. Not necessary… They’re looking at us, really. I… I wouldn’t want to be here…

 He pressed her breasts to him so hard and let her groin feel his erect penis, tearing into a ruthless battle from under his trousers, and then began massaging her ass with his palms, touching the anus, that Marinochka moaned pityingly and exhaled: Yes … Just don’t shame me here. I beg you… 

– That’s better, – L.S. said carnivorously. – I’ll give you happiness, coquette.

–Really, you are so sweet and gallant, – the intoxicated girl was embarrassed, trying to hold herself royally proud. She wanted to cheat and escape unnoticed, and tomorrow the boss will forget everything or ask for forgiveness. – Oh, how stuffy it is here….. Is there a ladies’ room here?

– I’ll walk you out, kitty, – L.S. said decisively and pulled the girl who was resisting behind him.

– Let me go home… No! No…. Marinochka screamed, stuttering with fear.

Awkwardly skirting the neighboring tables, L.S. almost pulled Marinochka, who was trembling with fear, into the restaurant hall and then almost carried her along the corridor. Finally, seeing that the bird could fly away, he rushed into the men’s toilet stall with the girl and closed the door behind him.

– Where have you brought me? – Marinochka exclaimed nervously, pressing herself into a corner and lowering her skirt with trembling hands. The frightened eyes blinked nervously and filled with tears of despair. L.S. wildly began to get excited from helplessness of the beauty and staggered, almost pressed close to her breasts. 

–Momma! – the charmer squeaked, resting her nose on L.S.’s neck. He grabbed her shoulders to shackle her hands and abruptly pressed his greedy, slobbering mouth to her thin neck. Licking the sweet skin with his tongue, he stroked the kicking Marinochka on the back, pressing her tense body to him. Without letting the girl escape, he roughly lifted up her blouse and pulled it over her head. Grabbing the cups of the bra with his hands, L.S. began to massage the breasts of the moaning beauty with sweaty palms. A scream and sobs escaped from the mouth of the beauty, she kicked and fainted. Inexplicable to her frightened consciousness, a wave of goosebumps filled her breasts with languid tension and the man’s lips barbarically covered the erect nipples. Wheezing with desire, L.S. sucked these swollen berries, bit, tickled with his tongue and was excited by the sighs and sharp cries of Marinochka.

– Don’t you dare… You…You’re a scoundrel… Tomorrow you will ask for forgiveness…. – she cried under a hail of kisses from L.S. on the lips, neck and again clinging to the nipples. Marinochka shuddered, moved his legs on the spot, shuffling his heels on the tile to pull away, but in vain. Mascara dripped down her cheeks, mixing with foundation, tears spread down her cheekbone and dripped onto the man’s bare hairy chest. She resisted as much as she could, furiously arching her tender ass, thereby increasing the pulsating desire of L.S. He pulled down his pants and abruptly pulled the screaming Marinochka to him, rapidly squeezing the naked girl’s buttocks with his palms. The wet buttocks trembled in her hands, and a long moan came out of the girl’s mouth.

– What are you doing… ah…. I’ll scream.

–Do scream, honey. I love you.

– I want to go to the toilet, – she whispered nervously, trying to escape, and again arched her graceful ass.

– To the toilet? – growled the man, – piss on my hands, bitch. 

– How dare you! – Marinochka opened her mouth, but the brute turned her body around with her back to him and pressed in. She gasped and spread her hands on the wall. L.S. tore off her skirt and threw it into the toilet. The lovely slender legs of the girl in a light flirtatious curve and the perfect plump ass under pink panties drove L.S. into a wild rage. He knelt down in front of Marinochka’s booty and, growling, plunged his nose into her fragrant anal abyss. Marinochka moaned, she was getting weak from tickling and stinging kisses, from elastic strong hands clasping her hips and from alcohol vapors that made the air in the booth nauseatingly stale. The head was spinning, bottom was burning, sobs were coming out of chest and… Marinochka, writhing, could not stand it and swam. L.S. hugged her wet thighs tightly with his hands and pulling off a piece of panties, which he also threw into the toilet, grabbed her wet pubis.

Bending her plastic body, Marinochka felt the stubborn assault of the tongue and was thrilled, covered with goosebumps. She wanted to say once again: “What are you doing…”, but a fresh treacherous wave of excitement so strongly bound her pelvis that the girl was afraid to frighten the rapist and unexpectedly wanted him to continue. She spread her legs wider and wider and, writhing in convulsions, flowed profusely, wondering at herself, because she liked the vile manager less and less. She despised him, she disdained him, she hated him….hated… and flowed…

Sticky salty juices flowed down the snow-white legs. L.S. got up and began to pull the petals of the labia with his fingers at the entrance to the juicy pussy of the girl. Imperiously arching Marinochka forward, he powerfully entered her from behind. The beauty screamed, but obediently obeyed and with a groan took a red-hot trunk in the ass, which began to swell and harden strongly. Moving back and forth in the moaning Marina, the man smoothly accelerated the pace, pulling the pussy and teasing the swollen clitoris with his fingers. Marinochka screamed and squealed when rough fingers touched him. She was pounding in a frenzied ecstasy, she was screaming furiously:

– More…Squeeze! Yes! Yes…. Yes…. More….

A secret was squirting out of the L.S. pussy rubbed with her fingers. Marinochka sobbed, gasped, strained and threw out a new portion of nectar, covering her face, which was burning either from shame and hatred, or from excitement, dirty from cosmetics mixed with tears.  

Turning the hot girl to face him, he grabbed her under the hips and lifted her by the bent legs. Foam flowed from Marinochka’s lips, trickles of mascara ran down her cheeks, and her eyes saw almost nothing. They became wild and empty. She opened her mouth and moaned soundlessly, gasping for air, when the barbarian’s cock entered her garden of eden with his fiery sword. Hating herself for her weakness, the former touchy Marinochka continued to moan, resist and at the same time kissed the rapist, greedily licking his neck and chest, biting with her teeth and teasing with the tip of her tongue.   

Supporting the trembling hips, L.S. vigorously moved inside the wet and thickly sticky vagina of the writhing beauty, pressing on the clitoris, from which Marinochka squeaked and scratched the rapist’s back with her nails. It seemed to him that he had plunged into a real honey slush. Then with sharp jerks, then vibrating intensely, as if letting the penis spin, he stormed and conquered the inaccessible and hitherto secret from everyone under the hoarse screams of the girl. He intruded very deeply, the girl’s eyelashes fluttered, her lips curled, a sob flew out of her mouth. 

– More….more… – she begged, jumping up and scratching L.S.’s wet back, hugging the man to her and clumsily twitching in frenzied convulsions. 

Suddenly Marinochka’s ass arched, the girl froze, staring blankly at the wall, and exhaled forcefully, shuddering from a powerful orgasm. A few more seconds and another wave of orgasm current pierced her entire body and for a moment turned off consciousness. 

If not for L.S.’s hands, she would have collapsed on the dirty tile. But L.S., without letting her come to her senses, made a couple more convulsive thrusts, increasing the pace in the hot mouth of the volcano. When the wave came very close to the head, he lowered the girl onto the toilet lid, grabbed her by the hair and violently finished on the face of the defeated princess, showering her with a scalding thick jet of thick foam. Marinochka grimaced, began to spit and suddenly burst into sobs.

L.S. cheered up and grinned towards the girl, who was shrinking from shame and humiliation, into which reason began to return and the alcohol vapors had worn off, patted her cheek and said in a masterly way:   

– Don’t cry. Tomorrow it will feel better, and you won’t have to apologize. Consider that the probation period has passed. But come to me and preferably without panties. 

Marinochka wanted to say something, but she had no strength left at all. She became insanely scared – her skirt and panties were getting wet in the toilet, and she had no other underwear. She cried even harder.

Suddenly, the door to the toilet opened, and a young employee of the department, Kazimir, entered. An hour ago he was reading poems to Marinochka, admiring her divine beauty. But now he saw raped girl who was clumsily cowering, sitting and shivering on the toilet. Kazimir saw the girl in front of him in a state into which he himself secretly wanted to introduce her. In tears, Marinochka was even more desirable. You can’t hide nature. The pale fat face became even fresher. The bent legs felt submissive and at the same time the magic of smoothness and femininity. Breasts shuddered and beckoned with feminine splendor. The girl shyly, like a fairy, fluttered her eyelashes, covering her groin with her palms, and squeaked in a quiet, gentle voice:

– Can you help me?

– Of course, – Kazimir replied, dumbfounded. – I’ll help…

– Thank you, – the beauty whispered with relief, already starting to come to her senses and almost ordering, she said: – Please bring me a towel and go out. I need to change. And call me a taxi immediately. 

–Yes, yes, – said Kazimir, staring at the flushed nipples of the girl.

– You are a real man. What are you standing for? What are you… no! No!!! Ah….

Without having time to breathe, her sweet mouth with rude unceremoniousness filled with a thick elastic penis.

– Suck it, goddess, – Casimir demanded angrily and wound the matted hair of Marinochka, howling with pain and humiliation, on his fist.  

The next day, the new nurse quit the job.

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